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Closed Solvent cleaning Equipment

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Union MDM

The MDM series is a range of hermetically sealed, solvent cleaning machines designed for use with chlorinated solvents such as perchloroethylene.

The MDM range is designed to accommodate multiple load baskets and is especially suitable for high-volume cleaning of small, precision parts.

Cleaning processes can incorporate a combination of spray, immersion and vapour treatments with ultrasound available where the application requires it.

Baskets can be rotated, oscillated, or held static to suit the nature and sensitivity of components. Machines can also be customised to incorporate specific customer requirements in relation to basket design or component fixturing.

Component drying is achieved using either recirculated hot air or vacuum technology

What is Closed Equipment?

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The latest MDMV 2 (basket size 900x300x300mm tall), installed at tube manufacturer in South Wales



The MDMV HC series is a range of hermetically sealed, solvent cleaning machines designed for use with A3 hydrocarbon and modified alcohol solvents, which combine low toxicity with excellent cleaning performance on a wide range of contaminants.  Cleaning is achieved by using a combination of immersion (with ultrasonics if required), spray and vapour treatments, depending on the specific application, all carried out under vacuum.  At the end of the cleaning process, the machine enters a drying stage, also at reduced pressure, to ensure that parts are clean and completely solvent-free when removed from the machine. 

What is Closed Equipment?

What are A3 hydrocarbons & modified alcohols?


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The latest MDMV1 HC (basket size 450x300x250mm deep) machine installed at aerospace actuator manufacturer in Worcestershire 

Union MUM

The MUM series is a range of hermetically sealed, solvent cleaning machines designed for use with chlorinated solvents such as perchloroethylene.

If you’re looking to clean large components, or very high volumes of smaller items, the MUM range fits the bill exactly. Machines can be specified to meet specific cleaning requirements, including customised basket design and automated loading where required.

MUM machines incorporate all the features of the smaller, MDM range, including multi-process capability, hot air or vacuum drying technology etc., and so offer a flexible solution to large-scale cleaning applications. Furthermore, their outstanding solvent efficiency and emission control techology ensures compliance with health and safety and environmental legislation.

What is Closed Equipment?


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Latest MUMV 200 Cleaning system (basket size 1000x600x600mm) installation at Aerospace Supplier in Lancashire 


MUMV HC machines provide large-scale cleaning capability using A3 hydrocarbons and modified alcohols. Specifications match the MUM machines for perchloroethylene with the added feature that HC machines operate completely under vacuum.

MUMV HC machines have high component throughput capability and provide the well-established benefits of large-scale, vapour degreasing without the toxicity concerns associated with traditional degreasing solvents such as trichloroethylene. In short, high-specification cleaning, absolute operator safety and minimal environmental impact.

What is Closed Equipment?

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MUM V400 HC (basket size 2000x600x600mm) system installed at an Aerospace manufacturer in the West Midlands.

What are A3 hydrocarbons & modified alcohols?

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