Welcome to D&S Ultra-Clean Ltd

Component cleaning and degreasing perform critical functions in most manufacturing processes. Producing high-quality components invariably involves cleaning or degreasing to remove the processing fluids used during metal working operations. Failure to achieve an acceptable standard of cleanliness can have a damaging effect on component reliability and lifespan.

Throughout our history, D&S Ultra-Clean Ltd has been committed to providing safe, environmentally-responsible, cleaning and degreasing equipment and processes. We focus on working with our customers to provide tailored solutions to their cleaning and degreasing needs.

Our product range reflects the very latest advances in vapour degreasing and ultrasonic, precision cleaning technologies. We offer equipment suitable for use with solvent and aqueous cleaning technologies, which means that we can provide completely unbiased advice on the best process for any cleaning or degreasing application. 

Finally, we are committed to providing outstanding technical support to users of vapour degreasing and precision cleaning equipment. We aim to ensure that all our customers can relax in the knowledge that their cleaning and degreasing equipment performs safely and efficiently throughout its working life.

What is Component Cleaning?