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What is Co-Solvent Cleaning?

What is Co-Solvent Cleaning?

Co-solvent cleaning is the term applied to a cleaning process where a HFE or HFC is used in conjunction with another chemical, known as the 'solvating agent', to provide enhanced cleaning performance. A co-solvent cleaning process usually involves two stages:

1. Cleaning in a mixture of the solvating agent and HFE/HFC (typically in a ratio of 60% solvating agent + 40% HFE/HFC.

2. Rinsing in pure HFE/HFC to remove traces of the solvating agent.

The process is used for applications where either a high soil loading is anticipated, or where a higher operating temperature is required than can be provided by using the HFE/HFC alone. Hydrocarbons are commonly used as solvating agents because they have good solvency.