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    DO YOU USE PERCHLOROETHYLENE IN AN OPEN-TOPPED, VAPOUR DEGREASER? IF SO, PLEASE READ THIS IMPORTANT INFORMATION. REACH now limits the use of perchloroethylene for surface cleaning to ENCLOSED EQUIPMENT ONLY.For many companies, the properties of perchloroethylene make it the ideal choice for vapour degreasing. Authorisation under REACH ensures it remains a sustainableoption for the future, PROVIDED IT IS USED IN THE CORRECT EQUIPMENT. Union solvent cleaning machines are designed to use perchloroethylene safely and efficiently in accordance with REACH. They also make sound, financial sense because they satisfy your cleaning needstoday and provide security for the future. Read more...
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    The first machines arrive... The delivery of the first two Union MDM2 VHC Solvent cleaning systems arrived on site in Wolverhampton. The complete Order is to supply four cleaning systems at a major aerospace manufacturing company. The cleaning systems supplied by D&S Ultra-Clean are manufactured by Union spa of Bologna Italy and will use the A3 modified alcohol DOWCLENE 1601 supplied by Safechem in the SAFE-TAINER solvent delivery system. Read more...