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    We are pleased to announce a new 'Biozone' parts washer is available. The new model has all the features of the old model, using the bio-remediation process to minimise waste and prolong the cleaning life of the detergent. It has the wash options of brush, fountain and immersion cleaning but with a stylish new look. The new model comes with additional filtration and easy draining. It is also is fitted with wheels for easy movement. Read more...
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    The exhibition over five days will give the opportunity to discuss all aspects of component cleaning, both solvent and water based, we will have a small selection of our range of cleaning systems with our equipment partners Union spa and MEG. Along with new equipment we will also be happy to discuss other pressing topics, including sunset date of Trichloroethyelene, all issues regarding REACH, the use or Perchloroethylene and it’s revised emsds etc…… Read more...