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Ex-demonstration Union MDMV1 HC Cleaning system FOR SALE


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D&S Ultra-Clean has an ex-demonstration MDMV1 HC cleaning system available for sale. This unit designed to use low-toxicity, isoparaffinic hydrocarbons and A3 modified alcohols to combine high-performance cleaning, ultra-low emissions and guaranteed environmental compliance.

The unit has a basket size of 450mm x 300mm x 200mm deep.

The MDM V1 HC range is especially suited to high-volume cleaning of small, precision parts.

  • The Cleaning process incorporates a combination of spray, immersion  and vapour treatments with ultrasonics.

  • Component drying is achieved using vacuum technology.

  • Baskets can be rotated, oscillated, or held static to suit the nature and sensitivity of components.

The system was installed and filled with Dowclene 1601 supplied in the “SAFE-TAINER” solvent fill system, supplied by SAFECHEM.