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NEW - HK Range of Closed aqueous cleaning systems from D&S


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The HK range of aqueous cleaning machines is the result of extensive development in response to the market’s demands for a safe, effective, environmentally acceptable, cleaning system. The HK machines incorporate a cylindrical cleaning chamber capable of housing single or multiple component baskets, which can be held static, rotated or oscillated during the cleaning and drying process.

Consistent, effective cleaning is achieved by means of liquid immersion (single or multiple stages) combined with sprays. For particularly difficult applications, immersion stages can be supplemented with ultrasound.

Components are dried using a combination of warm air and vacuum drying stages. The HK machines are PLC-controlled via a user-friendly, touch screen, operator interface, thus combining high-volume throughput capability with minimal operator intervention. Packages are also available to provide fully-automated basket loading and unloading.