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The Tale of the Biozone Parts Washer, new Bio-remediation Parts Washer from D&S Ultra-Clean.


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Biozone story

The "BIOZONE" Parts Washer from D&S Ultra-Clean.

Introducing the Biozone parts washing system, an integrated range of safe, environmentally-friendly, parts washers and fluids that provide a 21st century solution to your parts washing needs:

 -       No hazardous, flammable solvents.

-       No VOC emissions.

-       Consistent, high-performance cleaning.

-       No greasy residues on cleaned parts.

-       Parts are protected from corrosion.

-       Dramatically reduced waste generation. 

The Biozone parts washing system comprises three components:

Biozone Parts Washer – A robust, floor-standing cleaning machine incorporating immersion, brush and flood cleaning.

Biozone Liquid – A safe, pH-neutral, water-based formulation containing detergents and corrosion inhibitors for the effective cleaning of process oils, coolants, light greases and other contaminants.

Biozone Tabs - Natural, non-pathogenic, micro-organisms* in tablet form that degrade the removed oils and greases, producing carbon dioxide and water.  Biozone Tabs dramatically reduce waste when compared with traditional, solvent and saponifier-based parts washers.

*The micro-organisms are non-pathogenic bacteria of Risk Class I according to Directive 2000/54/EC (unlikely to cause illness to human beings).