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Although small in size, the Miniclean incorporates all the features normally found in larger machines, including: electric heating, refrigerated cooling system, ultrasonic immersion cleaning,  full control panel with operator interface.'Miniclean' can be supplied with wheels and handles for ease of transportation around the factory, and can be used anywhere there is a 240V, single-phase, electricity supply.

'Miniclean' provides all the benefits of solvent cleaning and is the cost-effective answer to those development and small-scale, production cleaning applications. 

It has all the features you would expect on a much larger machine! Not only that but ‘Miniclean’ uses very little energy, so it has a carbon footprint to match its small, physical size.

What is Mono-solvent Cleaning?

What is Co-solvent Cleaning?

What is Ultrasonic Cleaning?

What are HFE's / HFC's?

Alternatively, add the optional, rim ventilation kit and the machine is ready for use with traditional, chlorinated solvents such as methylene chloride.


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