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compac ultrasonic cleaning systems

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The Compac Ultrasonic Cleaning System Range

The  ‘Compac’ range has now been introduced to incorporate 3 standard sizes of ultrasonic, solvent cleaning systems

Every ‘Compac’ utilises electric heating and a refrigerated cooling system with full safety circuitry to protect against high vapour level, low solvent level and high solvent temperature, with ultrasonic agitation.

The machine is controlled via a user-friendly PLC with touch screen operator panel and within the process chamber, you get both boiling liquid and ultrasonic, immersion cleaning with vapour rinsing.

All of the ‘Compac’ Range  can be used with low toxicity, HFE and HFC solvents in both mono and co-solvent cleaning processes.

What is Mono-solvent Cleaning?

What is Co-solvent Cleaning?

What is Ultrasonic Cleaning?

What are HFE's / HFC's?

Alternatively, add the optional, rim ventilation kit and the machine is ready for use with traditional, chlorinated solvents such as methylene chloride.


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